K Scanner

We believe that any practitioner wanting to treat pain or injury should make the most of the diagnostic qualities that IASTM instruments can give them. We believe materials, manufacturing and design are fundamentally important in IASTM instruments that give superior feedback. By obsessively following these beliefs we have created the K Scanner.

Long, shallow concave and convex treatment edges make the K Scanner ideally suited for enhanced diagnostic feedback and scanning, especially with medium to large structures. The shallow curves also enable effective treatment in delicate areas. For example, when treating over the ribs and other areas with significant bony prominences. The K Scanner is also long enough to be used with either a one handed or two-handed grip. This allows optimum practitioner and patient comfort during treatment. The flat surface also makes the K Scanner perfect for performing myofascial release or myofascial spreading techniques. 

The KTools Pro: K Scanner comes with complimentary tray, travel case & shipping. If you order multiple tools to create your own Custom Set they will be combined together in as few trays and cases as possible for ease of use.