The K HART is a perfect IASTM tool for Fascial Manipulation & Trigger Point Practitioners. Its name is an acronym for Hyaluronic Acid Release Techniques™. 

The work of Stecco and his associates has offered a new way to treat myofacial pain, focusing on treating thickened, or high-viscous Hyaluronic Acid. The treatment system developed by Stecco is called Fascial Manipulation® (FM). The manual component involves using knuckles or elbows to perform ‘Cyriax’ type frictions from anywhere between 2-10 minutes, per spot being treated.

We were contacted by several FM practitioners who needed an alternative way in which to apply FM as their knuckles were becoming sore from hours of dedicated work on their clients. As the main goal is to generate heat, we focused on designing an IASTM tool that would enable more efficient manipulation of thickened Hyaluronic Acid. We developed a ‘special coating’ to help improve friction co-efficiency, and combined it with an ergonomically designed instrument featuring both large and small treatment ends.

The end result was the K HART. With the right training, we're confident you will be blown away with what the K HART can do. Improved speed and effectiveness of treating thickened Hyaluronic Acid, truly design innovation.

We have also been contacted by many Trigger Point practitioners for a similar reason, looking for an IASTM tool that will decrease the recurrent load on their fingers and thumbs. The K HART has become a popular solution due to its multiple sized treatment tips and patented grip.

The KTools Pro: K HART comes with complimentary tray, travel case & shipping. If you order multiple tools to create your own Custom Set they will be combined together in as few trays and cases as possible for ease of use.