IASTM Instrument Assisted Movement Seminars

IASTM Instrument Assisted Movement Seminar

If you are a practitioner looking to use IASTM to resolve mobility problems that cause simple to complex movement dysfunction then this is the perfect seminar for you.

Popular with a diverse range of professionals, from personal trainers to clinicians, this seminar will show you a great new skill and mobility solution to accompany the ever growing world of movement evaluation and corrective exercises.

We review some of the most popular movement seminars, define the mobility/stability paradigm and demonstrate how to differentiate between stability and mobility dysfunction.

As with all our seminars we believe its important for any practitioner, no matter what professional background, to have an overview of the world of IASTM. We include all the soft tissue dysfunction theories and IASTM application concepts before focusing on a detailed view neurological tissue change concept and the impact it has on movement.

This seminar focuses on teaching you IASTM techniques that influence quick response mechanoreceptors to create dramatic changes in range of motion used to address simple and complex movement pattern dysfunction. 


This course will be released later this year as a complete online seminar. Delegates can learn at their own pace before taking the seminar accreditation test. The online content of this seminar will be continually evolved to give the best education for our practitioners. We give you a great skill that acts as a mobility solution and the perfect partner to any movement evaluation and corrective exercise programs.

We believe that seminars should be about education, knowledge and skill acquisition.

Not just a simple conduit for the sale of a particular brand of IASTM tools. We talk about a range of IASTM tools & brands that are great for Instrument Assisted Movement. We give detailed information on how materials, design and manufacturing methods affect the function and quality of an instrument. These unique approaches help you select the right tools for your great new skills. 

We believe in looking after our practitioners, supporting the people that have invested in us.

On successful completion of the Instrument Assisted Movement Seminar, practitioners will receive:
- The IAM Seminar Certificate.
- Access to any future updates of educational support media that specifically relate to this IAM seminar.
- Access to logos, wording and pictures that can be used for websites or client information.
- Practitioner and clinic(s) listing on our dedicated website that helps potiential clients find your expert skills.





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